silent house

Wes Has A Few Words To Say About 'Silent House'

Just about a month ago the haunted house spookfest The Woman in Black really creeped me out and reminded me of my love of a good old fasioned horror movie. Well, after that movie won me over I became aware of a new 'scary house' flick coming out called Silent House. I read about the concept of a haunted house movie being done in a single take and I was immediately intrigued. Did Silent House live up to it's tag line of '88 min of real time terror'? Well, it is 88 min...

W.D.'s Review of Silent House

Silent House is both brilliant and terrible. Both fascinating yet lacking. Silent House deals with a daughter, father, and uncle who are packing up their old lake house to sell. However, things go wrong as they usually do in horror films. There's no room for specifics without spoiling the film so do understand the nature of the vague summary. Silent House is, without a doubt, incredibly ambitious on a technical side. This ambition shines so brightly, the dim light of the plot and characters is agonizingly blatant.