W.D.'s Review of GUILT RIDDEN

Guilt Ridden has a great premise running for it. The idea of a Doctor Phil type, TV show and everything, becoming a dark, twisted, and tragic killer. It sounds as though the script would piratically write itself but, sadly, this is not always the case. Sometimes the pieces of a film just don't fit. 

W.D.'s Review of THE DEVIL IN ME

The Devil In Me is a psychological thriller of sorts with heavy handed, biblical allusions, below average acting, and a frustrating ending but regardless of all of that, I cannot say the film wasn't enjoyable. The ideas are certainly interesting to keep you going. While it is a short It may be doing too much but at least it's trying to do something. 


Fourth And Orchard deals with sibling rivalry in an all too real and dark way. The two, rather young, brothers develop a one-way jealousy that begins to erupt in one brother to the shock and surprise of the other. This is all well and good but despite immense promise, the film suffers the same problem as many others. A poor script and undefined ending plague Fourth as they do so many other films.

W.D.'s Review of AMOK

Amok is an uncomfortable film for soon to be obvious reasons. The characters are a small class of kids in a lower-end school as their teacher tries to reason with me. Then the cafeteria is closed and the cause is discovered; a school shooter. A majority of the short film is spent with the kids dealing with the situation inside while the teacher searches the school for a student who left for the bathroom before the shooter began.

W.D.'s Review of BEYOND BELIEF

Film festivals are times of the unexpected. Most likely, you'll know very little, if any at all. Each film has the potential to be anything and everything. Each year, I look forward to the Orlando Film Festival to find those gems that encapsulate everything I love about film. Movies of such high spirit, passion, and persistence that they can't help but charm me. On only the second day, I have found one of those precious gems.


Documentaries are a side of film I have always had a disconnected understanding of. They do not play into why I love cinema at all and yet I do not deny them any respect. It's always a fascinating process of watching a documentary but rarely engaging. Than something comes along that is so bizarre and odd in not only idea but in execution that I can't help but fall in love. The previous documentary that caught me so was Resurrect Dead. This year, the documentary was not horrifying or grand like Resurrect Dead but rather the opposite.

W.D.'s Review of HEADS UP

I have reviewed a couple comedy films recently and most of them have clashed with my subjective value of comedy. We all have a different sense but after awhile, I wonder how different I am. So many comedies come through and fail me. With the exception of a couple major releases, Seven Psychopaths most recently, the genre has not delivered. Then comes along a little short film entitled Heads Up that had me laughing from beginning to end, a perfectly rounded story with real characters and emotion.


Short films have their pros and cons but one of their greatest advantages is that they can hardly ever outstay their welcome. Even when you see a bad one, it's only for minutes, maybe fifteen or so at worst. “Hardly” would be a key word as there are always exceptions, films that can't hide from the terror of terrible cinema. Born To Dance This Way is one of those exceptions.

W.D.'s Review of EL

El is a fascinating yet confusing film. I haven't a clue what genre to categorize it as. A bit of drama, a bit of romance, a bit of fantasy, a bit of horror, a bit of psychological thriller, a bit of this, and a bit of that. Despite sounding incredibly fantastic in nature, El is actually a very minimalistic film. There is an actress, a donkey, a couple of props, and a couple of beach sets. With just that and no dialog, the filmmakers crafted a wonderfully complex character study.

GNW Exclusive: An Interview With Jak Locke

Jak Locke, previously featured on Geek New Wave for his video game, Black Lodge 2600, has sat down with us recently to talk about his upcoming film project; "Targeted" and "Targeted!!!". His group is currently trying to raise money for the two short films via an IndieGoGo campaign you can find here and Jak Locke's personal website can be found here