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Indie Wave: Other Reviews (Hyperbolic Rogue 2.0 Review)

This is just a quick reflection on the new, updated version of Hyperbolic Rogue. The game is still mostly the same, resulting in all of my attempts at writing a new review  being more or less my previous one. So, I'll give some quick thoughts on the changes to add onto my previous review. 

Indie Wave: Other Reviews (SCP-087)

SCP-087 is a very small game, built on the Unity game engine, that has caused a bit of a stir. It's getting plenty of praise but I'm rather dumbfounded by it all. This game is less of a finished product and more of a crash course in pacing. All the basic ideas of proper pacing and horror are here but each piece is wrecked to the point of no return by said pacing. Many will complain that a lot of films and video games have no attention span. SCP-087 is the extremist of the other end, showing that taking too long can be just as bad as not taking enough time.