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Caleb Breaks Down His Top Films of 2012, and Then Some

The first half or so of 2012 felt rather disappointing to me, but then we started to get acquainted with one another.

In The Pale Moonlight: A Look Back At Batman In Film - Batman (1989)

So, in anticipation for next weeks release of The Dark Knight Rises, you know you'll be waiting in line all day for your seat, we're taking a look back at all the previous Batman films. And today, we'll be taking a look back at Tim Burton's classic 1989 incarnation Batman.

10 More Dark Knight Rises Images

In the past two days, a whole batch of pictures from The Dark Knight Rises have been released. Between Entertainment Weekly and some general, high resolution releases, we've got ten more pictures to drool over until the final release. This is one of the most anticipated films of the year by far so I'm not exactly sure why Warner Bros. feels the need to release even more pictures. 

New Poster for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Revealed.

Until now, the posters for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES have been very teaser-ish. There have been very few images and/or character likeness to appear on the advertising material but, with the prologue releasing on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL this week, it looks like WB have seen to change that. I'm definitely digging the direction they're going in with this one.

(Probably) First Look at Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises! (Updated)

We did know that the Catwoman costume would be more tactical and feature goggles but I, personally, never expected this. There is still a chance that this may not be Catwoman in her final costume as the picture was named, as /Film pointed out, "Selina_Kyle.jpg".

Perhaps she's never called Catwoman in the film? Who knows, Ms. Kyle has easily been the biggest mystery of this Batman film so far. I suppose it wouldn't be very fun if the whole mystery was revealed at once.

Dark Knight writer David Goyer to adapt 100 Bullets

Remember when we learned that 100 Bullets was getting a TV show? Well, it just gets better. Collider reports that, after co-writing The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel, David S. Goyer is going to be the lead writer for Showtime's TV adaptation of 100 Bullets. Yes, one of the current king writers of comic book films is writing 100 Bullets. Are you still confused of what 100 Bullets is? Well, lets take a look at the Amazon summary: