RETRO WAVE: Caleb enjoys Cronenberg's EXISTENZ on Blu-ray

The far more commercially successful The Matrix overshadowed David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ when it came out in 1999. Comparisons aren’t really fair however, since the two films are entirely different animals. Both involve virtual realities and groups of resistance fighters who stand against the use of technology as an escape from reality, but where The Matrix was a sleek action blockbuster with a brain, eXistenZ is more a mix of mystery thriller with (in true Cronenberg fashion) plenty of body horror thrown in.

Three big names Lionsgate has shortlisted to direct CATCHING FIRE: Cuaron, Cronenberg, Inarritu

Having not read the books, and not really knowing what I was getting into, I was extremely impressed with Gary Ross' The Hunger Games. Now that Gary Ross is officially not directing Catching Fire, the second book/film in the Hunger Games trilogy, studio Lionsgate is looking for a replacement.

French Teaser for New Cronenberg Film COSMOPOLIS Surfaces.

Well, goddamn. This was something special to wake up to. I've been highly anticipating this one for some time. For those who are unaware, COSMOPOLIS is the new film from David Cronenberg and it stars none other than Robert Pattinson. Yes, THAT Robert Pattinson. It's a strange pairing to say the least, but Cronenberg has never been one to be...normal. It is based on a novel by the same name by author Don Delilo, which I highly recommend checking out.

Sony picks up New David Cronenberg film "A Dangerous Method"

David Cronenberg, last seen with the fantastic film "Eastern Promises", is bringing another film to us with help from Sony.

According to /Film, Sony Classics has picked Cronenberg's newest film, “A Dangerous Method” (a film based on the play "The Talking Cure" by Christopher Hampton whom also wrote the screenplay) . The film currently has Micheal Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, and Kiera Knightley as the main cast. While no release date is known, we do have an official plot summary for the film: