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Geek Rant: Phablets and the Strange Evolution of Mobile Technology

Look in the sky! It's a phone! It's a tablet! No, it's a phablet! 

There once was a cell phone, a laptop, a home computer, and a sane world. Then the tablet came along, a remarkable new breed of devices that fit nicely in between the phone and laptop; a void that had been unfilled despite the attempts of e-readers or PDAs. Perhaps one could think the tablet and laptop would merge which, with the Asus Transformers and Microsoft Surfaces, seems likely. Then all manners of tablet-phone inbreeding and incest occurred and I haven't a damn clue what's going on anymore.

GNW: Comic Pick of the Week 11/28/12

There are so many comics coming out every week that it's hard to keep up with them all. So, every week one of our writers will go through his or her stack and pick the one book that stands out above the rest. This week it's: All New X-Men #2.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Illustrator: Stuart Immonen

Cover: Stuart Immonen

GNW Presents: The Book Club Podcast Episode 5 - HOUSE OF M

Join us for the third episode of the Book Club podcast! We are a monthly podcast here at GNW that will select a different graphic novel each month to break down. So grab a bottle of wine and a block of fine cheese, put on your 3D glasses now, its book club time...geek style. This months graphic novel is HOUSE OF M.

Geek Read: ZONA by Geoff Dyer

Writing a review for Geoff Dyer's rather wonderful love letter to a cinematic experience, is not easy. Firstly, like the book itself, this review will be written to assume that the reader is at least familiar (even if only in name) with Andrei Tarkovsky's science-fiction epic, STALKER (and if you aren't, I urge you to see it). Yes, Dyer's new book is about this film but it is also about much of what we take into a film as we view it - memory, history, ideology and, perhaps most so, taste.


Warner Brothers have announced the animated Batman film, BATMAN: MYSTERY OF THE BATWOMAN for blu-ray release. This seems to indicate that the studio is finally going to start bringing Batman: The Animated Series films (and hopefully the show itself) to the format more sooner than later. I can't be the only fan that is eagerly awaiting an HD transfer of MASK OF THE PHANTASM, right?

The disc will release on March 12, 2013. Pricing and supplemental information is not available at this time.

New Wave Independents: I HEART MONSTER MOVIES Looks at Horror Community Subculture

I Heart Monster Movies is a fun look inside the world of horror fandom. Produced by Trionic Entertainment and on DVD from Cheezy Flicks, the movie is a love letter to horror films and horror fans. Though far from perfect, the film manages to capture the spirit of horror fandom while offering glimpses inside different sections of the horror community in America.