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GNW Presents: The Masters of Geek Podcast Season 1 - Episode 8

Join us for the eighth episode of season 1 of The Masters of Geek podcast! This is a new podcast where we breakdown and analyze an entire directors filmography, in an attempt to find common threads, artistic style, and compile a definitive ranking of how we rate their films. For the first season of this show we have selected a small independent filmmaker named Steven Spielberg. This episode covers Jurassic Park (1993) & The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)!

Fox Announces a Remastered blu-ray of THE TERMINATOR.

After getting a highly praised remastered disc in the UK, THE TERMINATOR is finally getting the deluxe treatment here thanks to 20th Century Fox. The film obviously needs no introduction and if anyone has checked out the currently released blu-ray of the film, there is no need to explain why this disc is welcome. Fox are well aware of the following of this one and are supplying a generous supplements package to accompany the new remaster:

Summit Announce SINISTER blu-ray.

Summit have announced the 2012 horror film SINISTER for blu-ray release on February 29th, 2013. The film was surprisingly well received by critics and horror fans when released theatrically (consider the quote from usual genre hater Roger Ebert on the box art) but I can't say that I sided with the acclaim. Still, it's better than most of the fodder that the genre gets lately and this could really earn an audience at home. Summit are embracing that potential and are giving this a surprisingly packed disc, featuring:

Jamie Foxx Confirmed As Electro in The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

A few weeks ago we wrote that actor Jamie Foxx was in talks to portray the villain Electro in the sequel to this summers The Amazing Spider-Man. We now can confirm this, and Foxx has even commented on why he is excited to play the part! Find out all the details below.