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By The Numbers: Box Office Countdown (12/07/2012 - 12/09/2012)

Welcome to this weekends installment of By The Numbers: Box office Countdown! This weekend was an especially dreadful weekend at the box office, with Playing For Keeps being the only major new release. Find out how things shaped out below!


The time has come: you can now own the entire Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy for home viewing. Odds are that if you're a true fan of the character, you've already purchased the two films prior to this one and likely already have your hands on this disc too. If not, WB had you covered with a properly timed DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY set this week. Both this disc being reviewed here and what is contained in the trilogy are identical in terms of content, at least regarding this film. No need to get that set unless you're missing the other two films and/or want all three in one package.

Kevin Smith's Last Film Will Now Be CLERKS III

Kevin Smith had previously stated that he planned on his hockey comedy Hit Somebody being his final feature film, but with this weeks announcement that that film would now become a TV mini-series Smith has changed his plans. Today the filmmaker went to Twitter to reveal that Clerks III will be his last go in the directors chair. Find out all of the details below!


Killing Them Softly chronicles the drama of two amateur criminals pulling a heist on the card game of all the major crime bosses and the hitman hired to kill them. This crime drama, film noir honestly, is set against the 2008 presidential election. Sporting a cast of stars, Brad Pitt, Richard Jenkins, and Ray Liotta to name a few, and the best trailer in recent memory, the film had a lot to live up to. Unlike the trailers, Killing Them Softly is a slow burn drama that cares much more about economics than killing people.