E3 2012: The Biggest Ever?

 ::boob pun intended::

  It has been a rumor floating around the internets for months, but we finally have a credible source.  Both Sony and Microsoft will reveal their next systems at E3 2012!  This news was tweeted by a major gaming news site in the UK, MCV.  It will be the first time in E3's 17-year existence that three rival consoles will reveal new systems head-to-head (the third onbviously being the upcoming Wii U).

  No real word on what exact info we'll be receiving out of Sony and Microsoft (release date, price, etc), but it's safe to assume both companies will want to come firing out of the gates and win over us geeks from the get go.  Expect big titles, big graphics, and a new state of the art piece of technology you didn't know existed.  Nintendo is expected to reveal the price of its Wii U along with other details on what the system can do.

  Personally I'm still satisfied with my Playstation 3, and I  even feel that Sony has A LOT left on the table as far as the console goes, but letting the other two companies get a head start again could be lethal to the Playstation 4 sales.  I'm most curious as to if both Sony and Microsoft stick with traditional gaming or reveal something more interactive like Nintendo has shown can sell (although I'll always argue the motion sensor didn't sell the wii, the price tag did).  Personally, I'm a traditional gamer, but I'm open to whatever all 3 companies have to offer.  Lets just hope this next batch has more to offer than 90% shooters

  Ok, so I feel bad for luring you in with boobs then just giving you video game news, so I'll end on this note

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